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Playtoob - It's like Youtube Kids, for everyone. It's a YouTube player. | Product Hunt

It's like Youtube Kids, for everyone.

Youtube is a vast library, and a powerful search engine.

Just as you wouldn't read the first book you find in a library,
you shouldn't watch a search engine.

Easily curate your content, create your own Playtoob.

Pick your favorite creators. Forget suggestions and searching — just enjoy their content whenever you want, hassle-free.

  • Elevate your experience to a streaming service catalog's rotation
  • Rotating latest 1024 videos, from 32 different creators.
  • No shorts. No restricted. No live. Just proper content.
  • Shuffle by Date, Most Liked, Most Viewed
  • Channel Bundles & More..
    (Coming Soon)

Playtoob Membership

20% Off! $49.90

$3.33 per month

Paid yearly at once.

Start Watching Now!

No refunds.
15 days free trial!


Excerpts are from the comments on Y Combinator's Hacker News!
Currently, there are already more than 200 members using Playtoob.

Brilliant idea. YouTube Kids isn't safe for kids IMO, I've said it loads.

Appreciate this release! I have a 3 year old and It was becoming difficult to manage what he was watching. One thing that disturbs me most about the Youtube App is that it's search functionality is extremely limited. If I search "educational videos" on youtube.com i see so much more variety of videos and channels vs youtube tv app, the search seems so filtered and honestly does not even show the videos I see on youtube.com. So thank you for the tool!

I am currently using it on a spare apple device, airplayed to my apple tv, with the iphone screen off, video playing in background, and auto play of next videos. idk... seems like perfection to me.

Sounds excellent. I download whole channels and serve them on Plex. It requires a fair bit of management, and doesn't work when traveling, or if my desktop PC is VPN'd somewhere or off. This is all to prevent suggestions and random browsing. A much simpler solution is very welcome.

I’ve been looking for this for 2 years for my 5 1/2 year old. Ultimately, I deleted the YouTube app and don’t allow the website anymore (content was only through Netflix and Disney+). But now we’ll give it another try. Thanks for writing this.

This is exactly what YouTube Kids should be. Instead, because if the algo, because of the suggestions, it's a mind-numbing hell scape of complete trash. Great job! Gonna recommend this to everyone at my kid's school

YouTube Kids is not always for kids. There is some very weird, sinister stuff on there that isn't in-your-face obvious. Stuff like that is just weird, it's definitely better to approve certain channels and keep the kiddos from getting pulled into any algorithms!

How "A simple manual that you don't actually need."

Hi, this is a very simple video playing companion, to watch what you actually choose. There is no AI, no big-data, no machine-learning, no advanced know-it-all algorithms. Just simple get a list of channels you like and play their videos shuffled.

What do I do?

1. Copy any YouTube link, a video link, a channel link, a channel name with @, a channel id (preferred, but not necessary).
2. Paste it into the textbox at the Channels tab, Default Channel Bundle headline.
3. If you want to add multiple add commas between them. That's it.
4. Of course click "Save & Get Videos" :)

If you have any problems, I'm at the "Who" tab at top.
Just reach out to me.

About "Me, Contact and Legal Information."

Hi, I'm Devrim Vardar. You can find me through the mediums below. I'm a father and a developer. My children needed this. So, I'm lucky I could build it. This became also my preferred watching experience. Because I didn't want to click through everything while having a sandwich in front of my computer. I just want to enjoy what a creator has worked on and published to the world, with a single click. And also for my children, I've seen some extremely weird videos the algorithms suggested, that's why I always wanted to limit their experience, to channels we chose for them. Even though she has the premium account, my 5yo daughter still did not pay me. :(

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